I recently purchased a vehicle not too long ago from maxon in Union Nj. Although the salesman was OK the service department are bunch of thieves.

Although I didnt have extended warranty i still have few days left. My check engine light came on so I took it back expecting them to find the problem. Its a good thing I checked before leaving my car with them. can you believe they were gonna charge me a 100.00 daignostic fee unbelieveable.

All they have to do is hook up the car to a instrument that gives a read out it takes less then 10 minutes. I know this because shortly after leaving the dealership in disgust i took it to my regular mechanic he looked at it for free in less then 5 minutes he told me the problem.

I wonder how much they wouldve charged me for spark plug wires what a bunch of thieves i will never again purchase a car from them.

P.S. when they loaned me the car for the night to test drive brake lights were out and a blinker light too i actually got pulled over thank god the cop was understanding should've known right then what i was up against

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West Orange, New Jersey, United States #956009

A diagnostic test by a dealership is a full circle check for issues on a particular vehicle. The cost of the diagnostic is deducted from the actual repairs should you have the work done at the dealership.

What you had done by your local mechanic is not authorized by the manufacturer's warranty, and may have voided same. The fact that there was an issue with the "spark plug wires" certainly means that they needed replacing but it may be an indication of a larger problem, one that may cause even greater problems later on.

So, while you think you saved $100, you probably cost yourself significantly more in the long run. Maybe you should have taken the car to your local mechanic when they loaned it to you overnight before you bought the car.


they stole my airbag and want to charge me to put it back in

to fork maxon West Orange, New Jersey, United States #955999

They "stole" your airbag?

The reasons why this is ridiculous are too numerous to mention and probably couldn't be understood by someone that thinks a major car dealership would steal an airbag.

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