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We found Maxon via TrueCar. Even with a firm out the door quote in hand, they resorted to high pressure tactics the entire time.

For 3 hours we had to argue with them to honor the deal. They threw everything in the book at us, "you have to finance", you have to get VIN etching, you have to take cargo nets", until they finally relented.

We got a good deal, but it was a huge hassle to deal with them. They are not honest or reliable in my opinion, and don't seem to care at all about their customers.

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West Orange, New Jersey, United States #955956

Foolishness! TrueCar does not give "out the door" pricing.

How could they know how much the tax is going to be? They have no way of knowing what fees are going to be due. So, you didn't have a firm "out-the-door" number.

TrueCar also uses every rebate available to come up with the lowest number possible for the consumer. Sometimes, their is a discount (rebate) from the manufacturer's bank (in this case Hyundai Motor Finance) for financing through that bank.

If you choose not to use that bank by paying cash or using your own finance company, such as a Credit Union, then you do not qualify for that rebate and that amount gets added to the number that TrueCar gave you. There is nothing shady about that.

Window etching is done to every car at Maxon, and almost every other reputable car dealer. That's just standard practice and it actually pays for itself as comprehensive insurance rates are lower for vehicles that have window etching. This is because the company the provides the etching will pay up to $5000 should the vehicle be stolen and not found.

This helps to ensure that the entire cost of the vehicle will be paid off to the bank even if the owner is in a negative equity (upside down) position. Also, nothing shady there.

Finally, just because you can "build" a car online with certain accessories and options, doesn't mean that that car actually exists. Cars are not sold "a la carte". If a particular vehicle is every thing that you want it to be but it comes with a cargo net that you didn't want, (normally the dealer would just discount the $50, but with TrueCar there is no further discounting possible) then you have several

options, you can:

1) Order the car from the manufacturer with the exact specs that you want; just be willing to wait several months for the car....

2) Go to every other dealer in the region until you find EXACTLY what you're looking for.

Good luck with that.... 3) Realize that you stripped away all profit from the dealer, denied the salesman any commission, be happy you've gotten the best deal possible and just pay for the cargo net...sell it on eBay if you must.


The financing manager tried to charge me for destination charge twice!! only when I got home did I noticed they charged me for my tank of gas! Never More!

to never more West Orange, New Jersey, United States #955965

Gas is included in the MSRP of the new car. It is printed on the window sticker.

The destination charge is also included in the MSRP and also printed on the window sticker. This isn't a legitimate complaint.

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