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We always bought our cars but got talked into leasing when we were at MAxon Hyundai in union.CAlled the sales rep and told him how we feel a ripped off and if he could work with us to give a better deal. He said if you can find a better price let me know.AFter 2 days we went back with our lease research hoping for a compromise.We showed him how maxons internet dealer itself gave us a $2000 price less on the lease option.

After 25 mins of waiting the manager comes and basically says no.I was ready to walk out and raised my voice at my husband when he asked another question.The manager started getting rude with me and asked me to get out if i were to raise me voice.

He started arguing with my husband & insulting him.He basically harrassed us out of the showroom with a threat "dont forget i have all your credit dont want to mess with me".No one from dealer apologized.Now we are worried about our credit & whether our license plate will be done on time.I even took a video clip after that threat of how the manager was trying to get in my husbands face trying to fight with him. What a crappy experience.OTher than writing to BBB and consumer affairs,filign a report with the police, what else can i do to ensure our credit safety?

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Leasing has a set of rebates and financing has a different set of rebates. The sales price for the 2 are almost always different; which one is better depends on the goals of the manufacturer, not the dealer.

It sounds to me like the salesperson that you dealt with steered you towards the better deal. It sounds to me like your complaint is that you couldn't get the lease price for a finance deal. That's not the dealer's fault. additionally, judging by the fact that you yelled at your husband in a public setting, enough so that you had to be asked to leave, indicates that the rudeness started with you.

The things you stated about the dealer's representative threatening to misuse your credit information is libelous. A dealer could lose his dealership for saying/doing such things. You also state that "the manager was trying to get in my husbands face trying to fight with him", but you're concerned that there will be a problem with your license plates.

So, you bought the car after all of this?!?

Nothing you say is credible and you're lucky that you weren't sued. Then you could have used that video.


We contacted the dealership about purchasing a car seen online. We e-mailed and spoke via phone 6 to 7 times over a 5 hour period.

The dealership opens a 10 am and we got there at 1pm. The internet sales manager told us the car is on the lot and still available so we should come in. We showed up 3 hours later with our not so happy two year old son in tow. A man was waiting at the door and escorted us in.

We told him what car we were interested in and he basically ignored us. He began to discuss other cars we might be intered in.

I got upset with my husband and told him that’s not why we are here. We are here to discuss the car we saw. At which he replied that the car was sold already.

I relized they used a baiting tactic. I had sour taste in my mouth and left and decided to file a complaint . I’m going to try another Hynundia dealership.

If no success,I'll find another brand.

Awful customer service , and just think we didn't even buy the car. I hate to think what would happen if we purchased and had problems with the car.

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put a block on your credit reports

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