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DO NOT BRING YOUR BUSINESS HERE. I bought my brand new car here less than 2 years ago. They installed leather seats before I took it off the lot incorrectly and NEVER fixed it despite my going back to them 2 times.

Two weeks ago my exterior door handle came off in my hand, I brought it in and left without a door handle, my seat control switch missing and my window broken being held up by clear tape. Everytime I bring the car in for service, parts go missing, things get broken and they get an attitude and ask "are you sure it wasn't already like that when you brought it in?"

They have no concept of what customer service is. They LIE to your face and on paperwork. They will tell you right away that whatever you're there for is NOT covered under warranty unless you speak up. I have had to deal with the CEO's office at Hyundai USA to get anything rectified. I will NEVER go back here again.

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West Orange, New Jersey, United States #955978


You can't be serious?!? Sounds like you don't take good care of your vehicles.

Nowhere will you find similar complaints, which means that this type of issue is isolated to only you. The problem is probably located between the seat and steering wheel.

to Bob Boardman, Oregon, United States #955988


actually you do find tons of similar complaints.

I'm guessing you work for them. Nice try Bob!

to Bob Summit, New Jersey, United States #1345413

Bob, stop trolling the Maxon reviews. Everyone knows they have a reputation for being bottom feeders and rapists among dealerships.

OMG, LOL, for you to act otherwise shows you work for them. Move along little one!

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